Hypervolt percussion machine

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Hyper volt percussion machine provides a deep tissue massage and release, by using high frequency percussions to tissue.

The Hypervolt can produce percussions up to 3200 beats per minute. It’s used in conjunction with a sports massage and myofascial release techniques.

Athletic Recovery Centre | Hypercvollt

Whats the benefits of the Hypervolt machine:

Its all about the Blood-flow!

Increasing blood flow or circulation to a area of tightness, pain or injury is your body’s primary way of healing itself.

By doing exactly that it increases the amount of oxygen, nutrients and repair cells to be at the desired area of decreased function.

The percussions of the Hypervolt machine resonates much deeper than a normal massage. This means  there’s a greater increase in circulation, deeper into the muscles than with just normal massage techniques.

5 Reasons why we use the Hypervolt at The Athletic Recovery Centre

  1. Its a great tool to loosen up muscles before training. We integrate it into our clients warm up regime.
  2. It massively decreases DOMS (Delayed onset of muscle soreness) after a very strenuous activity.
  3. It improves recovery time – meaning it gets you back quicker to train at 100% capacity.
  4. It breaks down tight muscle knots/trigger points.
  5. It improves range of movement of joints by loosening the muscles causing tightness.  (Normal range is essential for proper movement while performing sporting activities as well as preventing injuries.

We at The ARC use the Hypervolt Percussion Machine, combined with other treatments  like sports massage, stretch therapy, cryo- and compression therapy to help you recover faster so you can train harder.  

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