Normatec Compression Boots – Price: R250 per session per person



Intermittent pneumatic compression

This is a therapeutic technique used to improve venous circulation after strenuous activity. The device consists of an air pump connected to compartmentalised sleeves or boots. When activated it forces fluids like blood and lymph out of the pressurised area. It increases circulation, eliminate swelling and metabolic waste. With deflation, the veins will be replenished with blood.

Medically it is also used to treat oedema and to prevent DVT.

In athletes, intermittent pneumatic compression has been used to significantly reduced the occurrence and intensity of DOMS(delayed onset muscle soreness), improve flexibility and to improve recovery.

Hyperice Normatech compression boots are one of the 4 therapies we use in our recovery package. Giving you the benefits of more than one modality in a single session, leading to quicker recovery